Advanced Life Support Ambulance Transportation

Our Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances are staffed with two Massachusetts certified Paramedics. Paramedics are the highest trained pre-hospital care providers. They provide critical patient care in emergent and non emergent situations. Paramedics are trained in advanced airway management, IV therapy, EKG and 12 Lead monitoring, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Cardiac defibrillation and Pacing, Medication administration and monitoring, etc... Our Paramedics provide Emergency coverage to 13 communities, Inter-facility transfers and Nursing home emergencies.

Basic Life Support Ambulance Transportation

Our Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances are staffed with two Massachusetts certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). BLS units provide emergency and non emergency medical care and transportation. BLS personnel are trained in basic airway management, bleeding control, CPR, Orthopedic care, managing allergic reactions, assisting with delivery of newborns and much more


Special Education Transportaiton

Transportation can be a difficult experience for some people and the transition from home to school may be stressful, we understand this and we are here to work with you to make it a pleasant experience for everyone.

Action is on the cutting edge of technology. We consistently update our computers and communication systems. By using electronic data collection coupled with satellite tracking, our call centers deploy the appropriate vehicle to our customers in the shortest amount of time. Each Specialized Transportation vehicle is equipped with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Units that will allow parents, caretakers and dispatchers to track your loved ones location at any time.

Our Specialists We are committed to providing your loved one with the best service possible. As part of our Action EMS family we want to assure you that we will care for your loved one. • Professional Drivers, Nurses and Monitors • Fully Trained 7(D) Certified • Friendly & Courteous • Uniformed • Photo ID Badges


Dispatch Call Center is here for you 24/7 365

Action Ambulance is a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Certified Emergency Medical Dispatch Resource as defined by the Commonwealth’s 911 Department. All of our pertinent dispatch center/call center staff is certified in Medical Priority’s Emergency Medical Dispatch. Additionally, the majority of Action’s overhead staff is also certified to provide additional support to Action.

Action has elected to become a limited secondary Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) to support our EMS partners and the public safety teams that we serve in the variety of communities in the Commonwealth. This allows Action to offer the Town additional PSAP support in the event the current EMD resource needs additional support at any point in time.

Action utilizes the latest NG911 PSAP equipment by General Dynamics Information Technology. Action can help support the Town’s current 911 EMS system during times of heavy call volume if so desired. Action’s EMD staff utilizes the Medical Priority Dispatch Protocol system for the provision of pre-arrival instructions.

Our Dispatch / Call Center staff is trained and certified in Emergency Medical Dispatching (EMD) through the National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch (NAEMD), and utilizes computer aided equipment software with GPS technology to assure that the closest and most appropriate ambulance responds to the request for service.

Radio communications and telecommunications are recorded with Instant Replay. This system allows Action EMS to closely monitor and record all requests for service. This system also provides QA/QI information for our Communications Team Leader to use for process improvement and training purposes.

Action EMS utilizes RescueNet, a Zoll Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. RescueNet provides a fully integrated system that gathers data and centralizes information for analysis. RescueNET has an open, Window’s based architecture which allows Action EMS to measure performance and achieve performance excellence.


EZPCR® Web based patient data collection system

Step into a whole new realm of patient data collection. Step into EZPCR® Cost Effective, Time Efficient software with auto flow technology.

EZPCR® is a web-based medical billing/patient data collection system, using auto flow technology. Our expert system goes far beyond where others left off. EZPCR® streamlines and manages behind-thescene practice services, auto filling sections based on your actions. Set-up is easy, and the program can be learned in minutes. It’s that simple!

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EMS Billing Solutions

Often times insurance coverage can be impossible to understand. Many seniors don’t know how to weave their way through Medicare. At EMS Billing we pride ourselves on providing compassionate customer service. We help people understand their insurance coverage, apply for Medicaid, and negotiate payment plans.

With continuous alterations and amendments taking place in the US medical billing laws, it is essential for healthcare providers to remain updated with practices governing their specialty. EMS Billing Solutions helps our clients and patients understand this complicated process.

Our services are focused at managing your complete payment process. From filing claims to stringently following-up on them, we do everything that is required to ensure full reimbursements for you. EMS Billing Solutions diligently works towards providing the best ambulance transportation medical billing services. Trust us to get it right every time and enjoy the vast array of services we have on offer.


Wheel Chair Transportation

Action is proud to offer Wheelchair Transportation Service. We employ the latest in technology, our global positioning satellite tracked vehicles allow us to send the closest available unit to your location, and once on board, we know where you are at all times. This technology allows us to provide the most efficient means of transportation available today. We pride ourselves on utilizing state of the art equipped vehicles driven by safe, courteous and professional drivers.

Our team of drivers are all professional and caring, committed to providing you or your loved one with the best service possible. Our fleet of vehicles designed to transport patients who are confined to a wheel chair or who have difficulty ambulating. Our chairs vans are equipped with an automatic lift. The vans can accommodate up to three wheel chairs at time and up to three ambulatory clients.


Action in the Community

Action Ambulance Service has a robust history of community outreach and participation including but not limited to community events, parades, and fairs; educational leadership, such as classes in CPR, AED, and First Aid (offered to students of all ages); the Dr. Harry Portman Scholarship, awarded to graduating high school students in the communities we serve who wish to pursue a career in healthcare; “Meet Mr. Ambulance” for school-age children; healthcare lectures and presentations; drug and alcohol awareness presentations geared towards school-age children; disaster-drill participation and training with emergency management officials; neighborhood blood pressure clinics; neighborhood healthcare lectures and presentations; car seat safety installations and instruction; annual mock “prom night crashes” coordinated with local fire and police departments; CPR and first responder classes for interested parties in local fire departments or at our local classrooms in Western, MA; informative presentations to school children on utilization of the 9-1-1 system; and annual blood drives.


Ready for Every Situation

Action EMS is nimble and ready, we have all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), bike teams staffed with Paramedics or EMTs, and a Major Incident Response Vehicle (MIRV) fully stocked and ready to deploy. This gives us the freedom to serve where we are needed. In response to a growing need and recent inclement weather, Action had our Master Mechanic transform our ambulance into not only a four-wheel drive ambulance but also a true special-operations all-terrain vehicle, proactively positioning Action to respond to most situations that Massachusetts weather and terrain can create.

We are a member of Seacoast Regional EMS Council and various local emergency planning committees such as the Northern Essex Regional Planning Committee (NELEPC) and the Metro-Boston Local Emergency Planning Committee and the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI). Action also currently participates in additional regional planning committees and Hospital Emergency planning groups including the Northeast Homeland Security Regional Advisory Council.